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Project Lead: Beth Weinstein, PhD RA

Beth Weinstein's research and practice move between architectural, spatial, performative, and choreographic methods to examine (dis)appearances and (in)visibilities, particularly related to climate catastrophe, states of exception and labor. Re-Membering the CIV builds upon her practice-based doctoral research—Performing Spatial Labor: rendering sensible (in)visibilities around architecture of internment (2020).  She has synthesized over a decade of research into a book titled Architecture + Choreography: Collaborations in Dance, Space and Time (Routledge, 2024). Beth is an architect and Associate Professor at the University of Arizona.

Project Team

Remembering the CIV  (site specific event, projected for 2025-6)

Remembering the CIV (AR) (Augmented reality: 2020-1):

Digital model: Sam Owen 

AR platform: Tech Core @ UArizona Eller College of Management:

Nafisul Huq Khondaker (project lead/lead developer), Nick Bigalke (intern), Ivan Altamirano (photographer/videographer), and Tech Core leadership Victoria Ogino and Ash Black.

Funded through a CAPLA (UArizona) Research Seed Grant

Contributing Researchers: Joe Farbrook (co-investigator), Jamie Lee, Kaitlin Murphy, Aurélie Audeval.

Palimpsest (CIV) 

Digital model: Aude Azzi, Sam Owen

Readings: Rita Alaoui, Pamela Ghislain, Maud Martin

in Performing Spatial Labour: rendering sensible (in)visibilities around architectures of internment, Plimsoll Gallery (Hobart, Tasmania, 2019)

Installation assistance: Emma Bingham, Isabella Foster, Joshua Reilly, Hannah Bowden, Tania Price, Ana Serrano Mazo, Aneita Erskine-Wise.

Technical assistance: Aaron Horsley, Gerrard Dixon, José Garcia Cesar, Murray Antill, Peter Stannard, Phillip Blacklow, and Plimsoll Gallery Exhibitions Manager Jane Barlow.

in Lundi de Phantom no. 36, un Lieu Pour Respirer (Les Lilas, 2019)

Installation assistance: Rana Taha, Kai Stoeger, Frédéric Nauczyciel, Yi-Fan Chen.

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